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Simon Gaskell

The Gaskell Birthday Symposium
a Celebration of Mass Spectrometry

Manchester Institute of Biotechnology,
14th-15th December 2015


The two day meeting will bring together Mass Spectrometrists and Gas Phase Ion Chemists from all over the world to celebrate Professor Simon Gaskell’s achievements spanning 40 years in science.

In association with this symposium there is a special issue of the International Journal of Mass Spectrometry which will be presented to Simon at the event.

The currently confirmed speaker list is Professor Graham Cooks, Professor Carol Robinson, Professor Ruedi Abersold, Professor Albert Heck, Professor Al Burlingame, Professor Alison Ashcroft, Professor Jane Thomas-Oates, Professor Vicki Wysocki, Professor Rob Beynon, Professor Alan Marshall, Professor Claire Eyers, Professor Shabaz Mohamed, Professor Mike Morris, Professor Alexander Makarov,  Dr George Stafford,  Professor Anthony Stace, Professor Peter Armentrout,  Professor Ljiljana Paša-Tolic, Dr Nick Lockyer, Professor Helen Cooper, Dr John Langley, Professor Bela Paiz and Professor Jim Scrivens.

Information on registration and accommodation will become available in June.

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Perdita Barran appointed Waters Chair of Mass Spectrometry

Perdita Barran has been appointed Chair of Mass Spectrometry and Director of the Michael Barber Centre for Collaborative Mass Spectrometry. Professor Barran, previously of Edinburgh University, joins the School of Chemistry with laboratories in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology.


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